A piano solo is an independent choir, one human playing multiple octaves and parts. It is also a symphony of notes, dynamics, and emotions, creating a masterpiece by the hands of one.

~ ♫ ~

After years of formal piano training, I truly respect music theory and technique, but now, I look beyond the basics and seek something more. I began searching for the perfect sheet music, one that was complex, beautiful, and a pleasure to play. After meticulously searching music stores and the internet, I nearly gave up, but then my quest led me beyond the horizon and beyond convention. One rainy day in May, I discovered the work of French musician, Michel Leclerc, and then my quest pleasantly ended. Leclerc is well-known in the Francophone world as a leading composer, specializing in arranging piano solos of songs by popular French artists. His style is one of intricate syncopation which marries the harmony with the melody and soul of a song.

~ ♫ ~

Why does talent have to remain nestled away like a French treasure? I wanted to carry Leclerc's talent beyond the horizon and into America for others to enjoy. To fulfill that end, I started a publishing company, Mitchell Music Productions, and published Leclerc's first piano folio in North America. We collaborated on our first production, which includes piano solos of some of the most powerful contemporary ballads ever sung. We produced a piano book of arrangements that are complex, beautiful, and a pleasure to play....everything I ever hoped for. We produced the sheet music that eluded me, and may elude you until now...